Avengers vs X-men Issue
AVX: Vs Vol 1 1
Avx 1
Cover A
Release Date April 25, 2012
Release Price $3.99
Issue # 1
Volume # 1
Creative Team
Comic Guide
Publication Order
First Issue in Series
AVX: Vs Vol 1 2

AVX: Vs Vol 1 1 is issue #1 of the AVX: VS limmitted series.


The Premier Tie-In To Avengers Vs. X-Men! - All-Out Action Featuring Cover To Cover Battles, Each Issue Expanding On Fights From The Main Avx Book In Ways You Can't Imagine! - This Issue: Iron Man Vs. Magneto And Thing Vs. Namor!

The StoryEdit

Warning! Spoilers!

Person, Place, or ThingEdit




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