For each wiki there are rules that the users must follow. Here at the Avengers and X-men Wiki we have also some rules about the wiki!


  • You must not add information about characters or something else from the Marvel wikia. You must create your own article. (except for the powers, which may be copied)
  • Since the wiki here is dedicated to the Marvel Now! titles at character pages you may create a paragraph AT MOST about the previous points of their lives before Marvel Now.
  • You may not create duplicate categories.
  • When the Administrators or the Founder says that you must or must not do something, you must listen to them, or you will get banned from the wiki.
  • When you upload a photo at the wiki, you should add the licensing.
  • The Main Page must not change unless the Admins or the Founder know about the change. You must notify them before any changes are made.

Why did I create this wiki?Edit

I created this wiki so as to put the information I want on the articles freely and with own way. And my wiki is about marvel now titles and after. I already know that the Marvel Database exists but our wiki focuses at the modern Marvel Universe and especially to X-Books such as All New X-Men, Amazing X-Men and Uncanny X-Men and 2 Avengers Books such as Uncanny Avengers and Avengers. 

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