Future beast

Beast of the future is a member of the Future X-men team whose purpose is to send the All New X-men to the past.


It looks that Beast at the future ha mutated further and now hia appearance has other animal features expect from the ape and cat features he had before.


Battle Of the AtomEdit

Part 1Edit

Beast and the other X-men of the future are fighting their worst robotic enemies, Sentinels at the start of the event. Before the present X-men send back the All New X-men they get interrupted bt the Future Beast and his Fure X-men whose purpose is to the past X-men back to their time.

Part 2Edit

Both past and present Hank are amazed to see their future self. Future Beast tells they came here so as to return the past X-men back and with this save the mutant kind which it will then a life with dignity bycorrecting the mistake of bring the All New X-men to the present. A thing according to him that will have bad consequences. After the misunderstand of Wolverine attack, he and others are going to trace Scott and Jean Grey who escaped since Jean wasn't able to read Future X-men's and bring them back.

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