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Fabio is a mutant from San Diego, California who's Powers were unlocked some time after the Phoenix resparked Mutantkind.


His powers manifested after he was victim of a robbery attempt on him in the street, according to his explications to the police. He was being put into custody by San Diego Police officers, who were very indelicate with him, after his mutant abilities manifested in the street, but was interrupted by Cyclops and his group of X-Men, who showed up at the scene to rescue him.

Fabio Medina 002

Fabio displaying his mutant powers for the first time.

After a squad of various sized Sentinels attacked the new mutant and Cyclops' team, and were annihilated by Fabio's burst of bubble abilities, they offered to Fabio to join them leaving San Diego. Even if he was reluctant on joining the X-Men, he prefers to follow them instead of stay in the city. He joined the X-Men during their visit to Tempus's home and the encounter with the Avengers before being dragged into Limbo by Dormammu's attempt to kill them. In the aftermath, he demanded he be taken home, where his family questioned his disappearance and didn't understand his claims at being a mutant.

He lost control of his power as Alison Blaire arrived as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and questions him about Cyclops' location. He was later taken into S.H.I.E.L.D custody and then rescued by Cyclops' Team once more.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fabio is a new mutant activated after the Phoenix dispersion, and has displayed the following mutant powers:

Dermal Manipulation: Fabio has the mutant ability to release different kinds of flesh-color balls of numerous sizes from his body and clothes, emitting the sound "Poink" each time they hit something.


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