Honest John

He serves as the Red Skull`s second in command of the S-men.

Uncanny AvengersEdit

Dubbed "The Living Propaganda", Honest John is an expert orator and negotiator who has fully committed himself to the ideals of the Red Skull and his anti-mutant agenda. Possessing the ability to appear as anyone's ideal leader, he has used this power to spark the embers of mass mutant hatred following the resurgence of Homo Superior into the population. When Red Skull attacked New York and incited a riot using his new-found telepathic powers, Honest John appeared to Thor in the form of his father Odin, and was able to convince him to join their cause in ridding humanity of the mutant menace.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Relative Appearance Alteration: Through unknown means, Honest John is able to appear to others in the form of what they consider a great leader. His perceived appearance varies from person to person, and can include changes in race, voice, and mannerisms to present an ideal figurehead. This power even works through television broadcasts, and can effect potentially millions of people at once.


Honest John is a skilled public speaker and debater.