Ice hulk 2

Ice Hulk or Ice Thing is a member of the Brotherhood team whose goal is to send the All New X-Men to the past.


Ice-hulk is a part of the power of the future Iceman who was unable to reabsorbed it into himself. He's a giant hulking brute, looking to be made of ice chunks, a mix of Hulk and Thing.


Battle Of the AtomEdit

Part 1Edit

Ice-Hulk is seen fighting Sentinels along with his fellow X-men of the Future at the beginning of the event. He and the Future X-men later come to the present day where their goal is to get the Original X-men back to their rightful time.

Part 2Edit

Both past and present Ice-man are shocked by the appearance of Ice-Hulk when they realize that he is their future counterpart. Ice-Hulk angrily attacks Wolverine when Logan, controlled by Jean Grey, attacks his team. Bruizer tries to calm him down and the misunderstanding is resolved when Xavier and Lady Xorn tell the others that Jean and Scott left because Jean couldn't read their thoughts and secrets. Then with the other he started to chase the two X-men.

Part 3Edit

Part 4Edit

Part 5Edit

Part 6Edit

Part 7Edit

Part 8Edit

Part 9Edit

During the Battle with Ice-Hulk and the Brotherhood, Sir Robert who is the real future Iceman reveals to his younger selves that Ice-Hulk is one of his ice-creations who gained a crude sentience and came under the sway of Xorn.

Part 10Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Like Iceman and Sir Robert Ice-Hulk has the power to create ice. Also he seen to have a considerable superhuman strength.

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