Jake was a prisoner in a jail until he developed his mutant powers after the battle with the Phoenix Force.


Jake was in prison for a robbery when, during an altercation with another prisoner, his powers manifested. He was moved to the new mutant prison where Cyclops was also held. Jake formed a friendship with Scott who told him about the Jean Grey School, which made Jake look forward to be enrolled into it. Sadly, Jake never got his chance as he was murdered by mutants hater prisoners, which deeply affected Scott. Jake's death wouldn't go unavenged however, as Scott broke out of prison and released all of the prisoners, except for those who killed Jake and had Magik send them to Limbo, and had Danger scar the warden with an X mark on his face.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Energy blasts: Jake has only use his powers once and seems to have ability to create very powerful energy blast which can be very destructive.

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