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Kuan-Yin Xorn's Mutant power manifested causing his normal head to be burned away by a tiny star. His twin brother Shen Xorn manifested similar powers. He was able to use these abilities in many ways, but was kept isolated given the dangerous nature of his powers. Even his twin brother had little contact with him, as he was kept in a similar prison as Kuan-Yin. Both of them wore masks of iron that safeguarded others from the effects of their powers.


Before joining the X-Men, Kuan-Yin felt he needed some time to meditate and enjoy his freedom. After a couple of weeks, Cyclops found him where he had just healed a bird that was dying and told him about the threat Cassandra Nova posed to mutantkind. He joined Cyclops, but was quickly attacked by a brainwashed Lilandra and her Shi' ar Imperial Gaurd. Xorn and Cyclops escaped together, and Xorn played a vital role in stopping Cassandra Nova and the Shi'ar threat to the students and the X-Men. Afterwards, he saw the Nano-Sentinels that were poisoning the X-Men, who had all been infected by Cassandra at an earlier point, he healed all of them as well as Xavier`s spine.

After trying to help a Mutated Boy in Mutant Town , Xorn felt that he would do a much better job as a teacher, rather then as a active team member. Xavier made for him a class called the Special Class for mutants, who just like him, had been mentally abused because of their mutation. Despite some of the class mates taking time to respect him, they all did at certain points as he was a good teacher. He also wanted Carter to join his special class due to his powerful mutant powers, but his discussion about it with Carter's mother, Annie quickly changed subject because he thought of Annie as a racist, something she tried to deny but found it hard to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Xorn was a Mutant possessing a miniature star in his brain. This granted him several powers, including:

  • Miniature Star: The star in Xorn's head allowed him to emit the same energies a star does. Most notably he gave off electromagnetism. Kuan-Yin's sun was capable of emitting blinding light that could instantly incinerate another being. Xorn was capable of reversing his stars natural state. That is, Kuan-Yin could cause his star to collapse in on itself to form a black hole.
    • Gravitational Electromagnetism: could feel the movement of energy and emotion on many scales. He possessed gravitational senses that allow him to manipulate energy for a variety of purposes, including warping of gravity fields, sensing when a death has occurred in their vicinity, shaking gravitational particles in the air around him which allowed him to speak other languages, and to heal others.
    • Self-Sustenance: Given the nature of his mutant abilities, Kuan-Yin Xorn did not need to breathe, nor did he require food or water to survive.
  • Healing: Xorn could also heal others' wounds and injuries.

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