Lady horn
Future Jean as Lady Xorn

Lady Xorn or Xorna is a member of the Brotherhood of the Future whose purpose is to make the Original Five go back to the past.


Lady Xorn like Xorn wears a mask to hide her secret identity and maintain her power. Her design is familiar to that of Xorn's with chains but in more female way.

Lady Xorn's design

Battle Of the AtomEdit

Part 1Edit

At the last page of the part 1 of the Battle Of the Atom the Future X-men with her arrive at the present time before the X-men of this time send the All New X-men back to their time period, shocking the present X-men and past X-men. She could also be seen at the beginning of the event fighting with the other X-men Sentinels at the future.

Part 2Edit

At the part she tells the present X-men that he has done many mistakes and one of them is holding the All New X-men here at the present. She and Xavier with their psychic powers block Jean Grey of the past X-men from reading their minds so as to not reveal their secrets to them. Past Jean suspects that something is going horribly wrong here amd she with her telekinetic powers controls Wolverine's hands and with them she attacks Lady Xorn and the Future and buying time for her and Scott Summers to escape. Wolverine after tells the future X-men that Jean ran away because she thinks that something wrong because she cannot read their minds.
All-New X-Men 016 jean grey future past

Lady Xorn is ... Jean Grey

He tells the X-men of the Future to reveal their secrets before trusting them. Then at room comes Rachel Grey who with her psychic powers read the minds of her fellow X-men and now knows what happened.

She was really furious to see Lady Xorn here because Xorn who once wore that costume killed outside of the school her mother Jean Grey. Then Lady Xorn reveals her big secret, shocking Rachel and the other X-Men. Lady Xorn is the future self of Jean Grey who come to the past. She said that the reason they hide their thoughts and memories is because they love them and they want the best for them!

Part 3Edit

Lady Xorn is having a telepathic battle with Emma Frost who is being a conduit for the Stepford Cuckoos' telepathy and her young self. Fisrt she defeats Irma one of the Cuckoos and then she uses her power to ultimately defeat Emma and her other two remaining daughters. At last, the only one which stands against her is Teen Jean, who is very powerful. On the other hand Cyclops and his younger self try to hold off Wolverine and his team of X-Men. Cyclops and Wolverine start again their battle of philosophy. Meanwhile, Xorn is defeated probably in purpose by her younger self who wants to know the Future. At the end young Jean, sees the future through the mind of Lady Xorn, and she is so terrified by what she saw and tells young Scott that it's time to leave.

Part 4Edit

It was revealed that at the Future that future Jean and Hank tried to convince Alisson Blaire aka Dazzler to put candidacy for the next President of America. Eventually Allison was elected President of the USA and thus having the first Mutant President which made the mutants very happy! But she was killed in front of Future Jean and the other X-Men from some like dragon creatures. After this, Future Beast lost faith in humanity even if Colossus and Sir Robert tried to help him and the X-Men were divided, once again. Jubille said to Magik that she and the others of her team haven't nothing to with the Lady Xorn and her team in years. She also revealed that these people aren't the X-Men of the Future but the Brotherhood.

Part 5Edit

Xorn Jean using her telekinesis called down a strike from S.H.I.E.L.D. to try to show the mutants gathered there at Cape Sentinel exactly what they are in for. The anti-mutant missiles contain inside them Sentinels and with this we find out that S.H.I.E.L.D. has a new type of Sentinel. Not surprising, but the majority of the X-Men emerge from this attack unscathed aside from a couple of deaths of future X-Men like Colossus who was killed by Xavier, using his telepathy. Future Jean makes fun of both Wolverine and Cyclops while calling them lovers and saying everything that's
Xorna dies

Xorn's death.

happened is their fault. She also tells the new Phoenix Quentin that the actual Phoenix itself may have chosen him but it always whispers her name when she’s near, meaning that the Phoenix still wants Jean and has with her a strong connection. Using her strong psychic powers Xorn takes out Quetin for some time and she achieves to defeat both Cyclops and Wolverine who tried to stop her but her power were too much for them. She says she did what she did because the future was so bad and she wanted to have never existed and starts having some like "Phoenix" aura with her powers. Then the Original Five intervene and start to battle with old Jean! So we have a quick piece of art in a panel that was a tribute to the cover of the first X-Men. Jean and others try to stop her future self but Xorn due to her anger and her emotions she overloads her powers. At the end of the battle, Xorn Jean ends up unleashing her power to allow the future Brotherhood to escape and loses her life in the process but destroying all the Sentinels. The X-Men survived and had been teleported to the Jean Grey School with Magik's powers and Xorn eventually took what she wanted; not to exist anymore. Before she died she told young Jean good bye and that one day she will find out what happened with her powers and the same thing will happen to young Jean's powers too.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Lady Xorn has the same powers with young Jean Grey meaning she has telepathy and telekinesis but they are more powerful than her young counterpart. When Xorn and the other members of the Brotherhood fought the X-Men, a part of Xorn true strength can be seen. She fought and held back with her extremely powerful Psychic Shield the optic blasts of the two Cyclops', the beams of Sentinel-X, Phoenix Quentin's attack and maybe young Jean's telekinesis. She could do this for a little time since at the end both Phoenix's and Sentinel-X's attacks broke through or because it was part of her plan to let her shield down. But that's unknown. Xorn also saws us her powerful telekinesis with which she could make all of the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s rockets to be fired without Maria Hill giving the command to do so.


This version of Jean has stated that she can't keep up but only for a few minutes without wearing Xorn's containment helmet, probably because of lacking control over herself or some other issue concerning her powers which she claims have only kept growing in strength.