Molly aka Bruizer is a member of the Future X-men team whose main goal is to send the All New X-men to the Past.


Bruizer's design is that of a big woman with a strong body and it similar to that of She-Hulk's!


Battle Of the AtomEdit

Part 1Edit

Molly comes to the present X-men time line with her fellow Future X-men with the wish to ssend the Original X-men back to their time!

Part 2Edit

Wolverine didn't recognize Molly, when she saw her and Molly told him that when she a kid she used to be one of the Runaways. She also said that she and Wolverine had met near 6 times. When Wolverine is controlled by the Jean Grey of the past and attacked the Future X-men she tries to stop Ice-Hulk from breaking everything apart and saying to Logan that he just let Charles Xavier die. After the end of the misunderstand, she and the other X-men planned to go out and find the past Jean and Scott Summers who just escaped.

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