X-men 6

Rachel Grey/Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from an alternative timeline.

Avengers vs X-menEdit

Rachel was contacted by Cyclops who asked her to feed the Avengers false information about the whereabouts of Hope Summers. She agreed and sent the Avengers on wild goose chases across the world. She proceeded to leave the school to join the battle on the side of her fellow mutants against the Avengers. She later helped the X-Men look for Hope with using her telepathy but hope was copying it so that she would not fine her. later when Cyclops went Dark Phoenix she helped both Avengers and X-Men take him down.

Wolverine and the X-menEdit

She was talking to Charles Xavier on not letting Hope Summers not becoming Phoenix and for the other students in the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.

Battle of the AtomEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rachel as Phoenix

Rachel as Phoenix

Like her mother, Jean Grey, Rachel has powerful telepathic and telekinetic powers. Rachel is an expert Astral combatant. She one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth. Rachel was also for many the host of the all powerful Phoenix Force and possessed powers such as cosmic pyrokinesis, flight and many others.