Wolverine's second son

Raze Darkholme a.k.a. Wolverine Jr. is one of the Future X-men and he is said to be the child of Wolverine and Mystique.

Battle Of the AtomEdit

Part 1Edit

Raze disguised as future Kitty Pryde comes with the other Future X-Men who are actually the Future Brotherhood to the present day so as to return the Past X-men back to their time. She can be seen with others at the start battling some Sentinels in the future at the start of the event.

Part 2Edit

When Wolverine hugs her, Deadpool interrupts their "hug" and he hag Wolvie instead of Kitty, humorizing the situation. Later, when Logan attacks the X-men of the Future X-men and is stopped by Ice-Hulk,she tells everybody to stand down. She and the other X-men now are going to chase the two members of All New X-men that escaped, Jean and Scott.

Part 3Edit

Part 4Edit

Part 5Edit

Part 6Edit

Part 7Edit

It is revealed that this Kitty Pryde of the Future is not the real one and it was Raze Darkholme who was shapeshift into Kitty. When Raze reveals his true form he stabs with his claws his father Wolverine. And then he and Deadpool battle and defeat Psysloke.

Part 8Edit

Raze used his shapeshifting abilities so as to be disguised as Psyloke and snake at Cyclops team and grab the Past Ice-man and Beast. Then with Xorn and Beast tried to send the original Five back to the past but the time cube didn't work on them. The time cube worked fine since Raze was transformed into a young Cyclops, went to the past and saw the original Charles Xavier without the latter noticing him.

Part 9Edit

Raze with the other remaining members of his team took the All New X-Men and left the Jean Grey school. They thought of second plan to change the future which it did not include the original five to go home. He with the instinct of killing and the Brotherhood fought the X-Men at Cape Citadel to the place which X-Men's first mission and encounter with Magneto happened.

Part 10Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Raze Darkholme has the combined powers of his father Wolverine and his mother Mystique. It has been noted by Kymera that Raze's shape-shifting powers are more powerful than even Mystique's.

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