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The Trial of Jean Grey is an upcoming 6-part comic book crossover event published by Marvel Comics that is scheduled to debut in January 2014 and will run through the All New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Publication historyEdit

The Trial of Jean Grey was announced in October 2013 in Comic Con. Brian Michael Bendis, writer of All-New X-Men said that many changes happen after Battle of the Atom. But, it is safe to say that Jean Grey is still here, and now a lot of people know about it. Once the word gets out that Jean Grey, who was once host to one of the most formidable and destructive cosmic forces in the entire galaxy, [is back], there are people—major players—[that] will want to hold her accountable for some of that destruction.

Story SynopsisEdit

There's no time for the time-displaced mutants to catch their breath following the status quo-shifting final moments of Battle of the Atom, especially now that the entire Marvel Universe has been alerted that Jean Grey, the former and most terrifying host of the Phoenix in the eyes of many, seems to be alive and well. On the other side of the cosmos, the band of space pirates known as the Guardians of the Galaxy will be forced to get involved with one trouble-making species they've managed to steer clear from: mutants!


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