Past Angel
Past Angel

Just like his future self he is one of the founding members of the Original X-men and was discovered by Charles Xavier.

All New X-MenEdit

Here Comes YesterdayEdit

Hank McCoy from the future came to them to tell them that Scott Summers from the future killed Charles Xavier and he is creating a mutant rebellion. When they encounter the future Cyclops, he and Iceman fight Magneto who during their time was still an enemy to them and attacked him but he and Cyclops were teleported away by Magik. When Jean Grey woke up and regain control of her telepathic powers and Hank McCoy (Past Self) wants to check up on his future self who is dying, Angel replies by saying that they shouldn't be here. After beast woke up from his comma Warren wondered where his future self is but the past Iceman told him not to worry. Warren finally met his future self and was surprised that he believed him and even was excited to see his past self. They both went flying and he asked about the metal wings but the future Warren replies he forgot.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Same as his future self but before Archangel.