Wonder Man

Wonder man is a member of the Avengers who has died saving the avengers from the Masters of evil in the past, but was later brought back to life after the events of House of M. He was with the Avengers when Wasps was believed dead in the micro verse but was alive. He also had problems with the Avengers and has been trying to redeem himself since.

Unccanny AvengersEdit

Simon is a member of the Uncanny Avengers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ionic Energy Form: The tissue and bones of his entire body have been augmented in strength and to a certain extent supplanted by an unknown substance during the "ionic ray" bombardment. Despite Wonder Man's statements that he is composed of "ionic energy," he is actually composed of organic matter that is permeated with this form of energy. Since his last revival, his physiology has changed a great deal and its not clear if his external form is ionic energy or flesh. He stated during an incident in which all the living things in New York had been morphed into symbiotes that he was an ion being and not flesh and blood. This was the prime reason he himself had not been infected. He does not house blood in his body and cannot impregnate women.

Superhuman Strength: Wonder Man possesses vast superhuman strength, the limits of which aren't known, and he can lift well in excess of 100 tons easily. His strength extends into his legs, as he is capable of superhuman leaps covering several hundred feet.

Superhuman Speed: In spite of his great size, Wonder Man can run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Stamina: Simon's ion body grants him unlimited stamina and is therefore immune to fatigue.

Superhuman Durability: Wonder Man's bodily tissues are much harder and far more resistant to physical injury than the bodily tissues of a normal human. Wonder Man is highly resistant to penetration wounds, even from high caliber machine gun shells. He can also withstand tremendous impact forces, such as falling from great heights or being repeatedly struck by superhumanly strong opponents, without being hurt. Wonder Man is also resistant to extremes in temperature, being able to withstand temperatures as low as -150 degrees to as high as 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining injury.

Superhuman Agility: Wonder Man's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Wonder Man's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Hearing: Wonder Man's hearing has been enhanced to a superhuman degree.

Energy Vision: Wonder Man can see beyond the usual spectrum visible to the human eye.

Flight: Originally, Wonder Man required the use of a sophisticated and advanced rocket pack attached to his costume. However, following his resurrection and metamorphosis, Wonder Man is now able to fly through the air at great speeds, the exact limit of which isn't known. He could originally fly at subsonic speeds after his metamorphosis. According to his latest official entry in the Handbooks of the Marvel Universe. Simon can fly at speeds in excess of 700 mph.

Immortality: For all intents and purposes, Wonder Man is functionally immortal. Because of the ionic energy that empowers him, Wonder Man no longer ages and he is immune to disease and infection. This same energy sustains his physical vitality far more efficiently than the biochemical process that sustain ordinary human life. As a result, Wonder Man no longer requires food, water, or oxygen.

Energy Manipulation (latent): In his energy form Simon learned he had the ability to emit Ion energy blasts of devastating force from his hands and eyes; shown before his death at the hands of the Kree Empire. Since his resurrection he hasn't done so.

Size Alteration (latent): Another power his energy form granted him was the ability to Alter his size becoming even larger and (possibly) stronger than his adversary Goliath. but again he hasn't displayed this power since his resurrection.


Gifted Intellect: Simon has a gifted intellect.

Actor: He is good actor whose talents earned him a spot on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. His acting gives him a strong edge in undercover work.

Stuntman: Before he was an actor, Simon was an expert stuntman who worked in many big action movies.

Expert Combatant: Recently, upon becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Simon has trained extensively in unarmed combat and possibly other espionage techniques.


As an ionic energy being, Simon is susceptible to attacks that disrupt his unique energy pattern. Dispersion would be hazardous, as he might not be able to reform without further assistance from the Scarlet Witch. During the Kang Dynasty however, he was dispersed by one of Kang's weapons and was plenty capable of reforming himself on his own after traveling a great distance to avoid being discovered alive and making a grand escape, so this is unlikely. Wonder Man can however, be rendered unconscious and it is possible for him to be injured.

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